The Organic E-juices: Guaranteeing You A Better Health And Wellness

Over the last few years, vaping has been the most trending topic simply because of the benefits and relief it offers to cigarette smokers. In cigarette smoking, the cons outweigh the benefits a problem that vaping solves. Vaping helps smokers enjoy all the benefits of smoking without the negative effects of smoke. If you have not yet made that transition from smoking cigarettes to vaping, these are some of the benefits that you are missing.

Better health: Although almost all cigarette smokers know the health risks of smoking, their need to consume nicotine or engage in the physical act of smoking makes them prefer smoking over abstinence. The biggest concern for smokers is the smoke and the health risk it brings to the equation. Vape pens were initially designed to address the issue of smoke by helping people get their daily nicotine amounts without the smoke. Smoke-free nicotine from smokeless tobacco although not completely harmless has a lower risk. In fact, the risk even goes down further if you are only vaping organic e-juices from reputable manufacturers.

The wide variety of flavors: Unlike cigarettes that come with a limited number of flavors, the wide range of possible e-liquid flavor varieties make vaping more enjoyable. Whether you want a flavor that mimics your cigarette flavor or something totally different, the options go as far as your imagination with e-liquid vaping. Nevertheless, you should avoid e-liquids with synthetic flavors and instead vape organics.

Convenience and flexibility: Today, you cannot walk to any public place and not encounter a non-smoking sign, which means that you will have to excuse yourself and walk some distance to take a cigarette puff. Vaping, on the other hand, can be equated to taking a snack and thus, you can conveniently enjoy yourself in most places where you cannot smoke a cigarette. In the long run, vaping is also cheaper than smoking as you will only have to buy e-liquid and not the entire vaping kit.

What is organic vaping?

Since the early days, the purpose of vaping was to limit the intake of health hazards and as the electronic cigarette industry continues to grow the intention still remains the same. Organic is mostly mentioned in healthy diets but the introduction of organic e-juices has changed the vaping industry scene with most people now opting for vape organics. In order to be considered organic, the products must be produced without the excluded methods such as genetic engineering, sewage sludge or ionizing radiation.

Furthermore, in addition to being naturally produced, the product must be produced using only allowed substances. The product must also be overseen and certified by an organic authorized certifying agent. The finished product must only contain ingredients that are produced and harvested from an approved organic environment. Generally, when it comes to organic e-juices, you should only buy reputable products like the vape organics as some manufacturers only add an organic label to make their products look organic.

In the vaping industry, the term organic refers to e-juices that have no artificial chemicals in the recipe. In order to understand what a true organic e-juice entails, it is important that you understand the main components of e-juices. The main compounds of e-juices are vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). PG is one compound that you should look out for when buying organic e-juices as it is totally synthetic. It is a petroleum-derived compound. On the other hand, the VG is derived from plant oils such as soybean oil, coconut oil, and palm oil and thus, it is totally a natural extract. However, if you only want to vape organics, you should ensure that the VG is only sourced from plants grown without artificial pesticides. Another aspect of the organic e-juices that you should pay much attention to is the flavoring. The right organic product should contain only natural flavorings.


If you would like to vape with peace of mind, you should go for vape organics. The e-liquids are made from pure, clean and organic ingredients and extracted naturally. In order to give you a balance between your wellbeing and the planet, the vape organics e-juices do not contain artificial sweeteners, GMO or pesticide extracts. The nicotine is also extracted in-house and extracted using certified organic VG for true certified organic nicotine. The e-juices are also packed in amber glass bottles to prevent oxygen contamination and sun damage.