All About Organic Kind E-Juice

The vaping industry has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years. It is hardly surprising, therefore, that products like Kind e-juice are becoming more popular in the marketplace. Kind e-juice is a premium, all-natural vaping juice (or e-Nectar) that features award-winning fruity flavors. Our e-Nectar works well with any glass tank and offers up in excess of 150 hours of steep time. Depending on your mood and vibe, there is a Kind e-juice flavor that will suit you perfectly.

Vaporizers and Vape Juice

Vaporizers allow us to make the most of the vape juices and their flavors. Vaporizers convert the vape juice (e-liquid or e-juice) to great smelling vapor that vapers (those who partake in vaping) can enjoy as a healthier, more pleasurable alternative to smoking. Naturally, the better the quality of the e-juice or e-liquid, the better the quality of the vapor and consequently the vaping experience. Vapers can rest assured that the Kind e-juice is of the highest available quality and will keep users enjoying the vaping experience in a safe manner.

Choosing the Right Kind e-juice For You

One of the best features of the Kind e-juice is that it is organic in its make. It is, therefore, less likely to have any adverse effects on vapers than other brands and blends. The unique, GMO-Free and the all-natural process exclusive to Kind e-juice includes:

– 100% USP VG produced from plants grown without the use of pesticides

– Natural extraction through a process called hydrolysis to preserve natural integrity

– Cold extracted Nicotine sourced from US-grown and harvested Tobacco crops

– All-natural flavor concentrates that are allergen and gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, kosher, and vegan

Importantly, Kind e-juice products are never tested on animals.

In addition to having a unique process, there is a myriad of flavors that you can choose from. Some flavors are more earthy while others are more fruity. The tobacco Ridge flavor – for example – is made over a period of 6 months with masterfully combined Turkish, American, and Cuban leaves crafted to create a smooth, rich, blend.

Raving Reviews

With all the benefits and features listed above, as well as the quality assurance from the manufacturers, it is hardly surprising that Kind e-juice is getting five-star reviews from vapers anywhere. This American-made, Florida-Grown juice is being touted as ‘the best vape juice ever.’ Don’t just take our word for it, however. Head on over to and to order Kind e-juice and try it for yourself.