Hemlock Vapor Co Offers A Huge Range Of Products Including Organic E-Juices

Smokers are well aware of the health-related dangers caused by cigarette smoke, yet they are unable to stop smoking because of their addiction to it. It is unfortunate that they do not realize that nicotine causes smoking addiction. Would it not be awesome if they had access to a device that provided them the pleasure of inhaling nicotine without the toxic chemical compounds that cigarette smoke contains? This is exactly what electronic cigarettes offer. These gadgets release a mixture of water vapor, flavor, and nicotine. The e-cig is slightly costlier than the traditional cigarette but the user can cut down the costs significantly with the help of coupon codes, available on many online portals. It is time that you started using e-cigs and stopped smoking traditional cigarettes to protect yourself and your loved ones against throat and lung-related ailments, including deadly cancer.

Never fall prey to the low priced e-cig models available online. Manufactured in third world countries in shady underground labs that have no quality control system in place, the cheap electronic cigarettes pose a bigger health threat than traditional cigarettes do. It is better to pay more and purchase products manufactured by reputable local manufacturers such as Hemlock. You might find e-cigs manufactured by other reputable brands too, but none of them boast of the vaping satisfaction that e-cigs by Hemlock does. If this is not enough, this company is renowned all over the world for its wide range of organic E-juices.

These liquids are the core of an electronic cigarette and generally contain a mixture of nicotine, flavoring, and water, in a base of glycerin and propylene glycol. The heat emitted from the coils of the e-cig vaporizes the e-liquid, which the user inhales. As this vapor includes nicotine, it satisfies the user’s addiction. As it does not contain toxic chemical compounds or tar, it protects the health of the user as well as that of the members of his family through passive smoking.

Difference between normal and organic E-juice
Any product, be it fruit juice or e-juice has to be free from chemical compounds to be termed as organic. Propylene glycerol can never be organic as it is a laboratory created a synthetic compound. However, it is a different case regarding the other ingredients of the organic E-juices. They contain vegetable glycerin and flavoring agents derived by extracting the juices of fruits and plant and treating them so that they are fit for use in the solution. Since nicotine is derived from tobacco plants, it is organic in nature. Therefore, organic E-juices only contain a single inorganic component… propylene glycerol. Reputable manufacturers do not use propylene glycerol in their E-liquids to make it completely organic. However, as the process of manufacturing the same is cumbersome, users should expect to pay a premium sum for organic e-juices.

Wide selection of organic E-juices
Hemlock Vapor Co is the leading manufacturer of quality electronic cigarettes, its accessories, as well as a diverse range of organic e-juices. Some of the popular brands of organic e-juices offered by them include:
• Sweet Tobacco
• Cut Strawberry
• Catalina
• Dragon’s Kiss
• Strawberry
• Pineapple
• Orange
• The White Dove
• Maidens Honey Milk

If you would love trying other exotic flavors, try out their synthetic brands of e-liquids such as:
• Almond Bartlett
• Lemon Berryade
• Banana Nut Muffin
• Malted Strawberry
• Peach Surprise
• Rainbow Milk

You can also select e-liquids by flavor like:
• Tobacco
• Candy
• Dessert
• Beverage
• Fruit
• Nut
• Bakery
• Menthol

Other stuff
You can also rely on Hemlock for a huge range of starter kits, closed systems, and box mods. This company also stocks tools such as:
• Volt/ ohm meter
• Ceramic coiling sticks
• Tweezers

Do not forget to check their wide varieties of coils, chargers, and batteries. All of these put together makes Hemlock Vapor Co. as the one stop shop for all of your electronic cigarette, e-liquids (both synthetic and organic), and accessories. You can rest assured that you will find all kinds of electronic cigarettes from starter kits to models for advanced vapers on their website.

Discounts galore
Earn discounts by referring Hemlock to your friends and colleagues. The company offers you a special discount each time someone purchases their products through your referral link. You earn an additional discount by signing up for their newsletter. If you are not satisfied with the discounts mentioned above, search online for Hemlock Vapor Co discount coupons. You will find sites that offer special coupon codes that can help you earn discounts over and above those mentioned above. Applying the code is a simple task. Select the product mentioned on the coupon code on Hemlock’s website and continue to the checkout section. You will find a space for pasting/ inputting the code. Do so and click on the `apply button.’ You will immediately notice a reduction in the sum payable.