Choosing The Best Organic E-juices: Things You Should Check

These days everyone seemed concerned with what they take and it is no exception when it comes to vaping. The organic e-juices have been gaining popularity over the last few years as vapers try to maximize the benefits of vaping. In order to be considered totally organic, there are some conditions the e-liquid must satisfy. The e-liquid should only contain 100-percent vegetable glycerin (VG) as propylene glycol (PG) is only synthetic. The VG is produced from plant oils and thus, it is possible to get natural VG oil. However, the plants must be grown without pesticides and the extraction must be naturally extracted.

The other important aspect of the organic e-juice is that the nicotine must be derived from an organic source. Most nicotine is derived from tobacco leaves but some manufacturers are sourcing their nicotine from alternative sources such as the eggplant. If the nicotine is sourced from tobacco, it is important you ensure that the plants are not grown with pesticides. The other important aspect is the flavoring. You must ensure that the flavorings used in the e-liquids are natural. Getting everything right when buying organic e-juices is not easy as most manufacturers only put an organic label on the product and thus, it is important you only buy from reputable organic e-juices manufacturers like the Blue lab.

Why consider Blue Lab Vapor?

You should buy Blue lab vapors if your major concern is the quality of the organic e-juices. The blue lab was founded by Fred and his son Daniel in 2013 in a bid to address the quality of e-juices they were taking after Daniel found that his e-liquid was manufactured in China. Immediately, Daniel ordered ingredients online and began creating his e-liquid and after much trial and error, he made a lovely all-American e-liquid. Soon after, the Blue lab vapors e-liquids began their remarkable journey.

In a bid to ensure that everything is organic, the Blue lab vapors only use nicotine grown in the U.S. soil without the use of pesticides, growth control agents and herbicides. The nicotine is also extracted using a cold purification process that does not contain chemicals, heat or solvents. The Blue lab e-juices also feature pharmaceutical grade vegetable glycerine. The flavorings also do not contain diacetyl.


If you are looking for a 100-percent organic e-juice, you must pay attention to the manufacturer. The manufacturer must be organic-certified and overseen by an organic certifying agent. The company must also have stringent control measures to prevent contamination throughout the manufacturing process from ingredients sourcing to packaging.